Online Will versus hard copy

Online Will versus hard copy using The Australian Will Kit. Select from the Online or hardcopy version.

The hardcopy version is sent to you in the mail. The online version is completed on your own computer at home or work or wherever you are. Using a laptop, tablet or PC size device is best. You can use a phone to write your will online, however it is easier on a PC, Tablet or Laptop.

The Online Australian Will Kit is designed to be easy to use. Each clause on the Online Will form is numbered and there are detailed instructions for each clause. The Online Will Form is “Fill in the Blanks” style so it is very easy to follow.

The Online Australian Will Kit has a step by step guide to help guide you through. It is written in easy to understand language. Contains all the information to write your own Will.

The Australian Will Kit also provides information about many topics including: 

  • How to witness your Will
  • Who should be executor
  • Specific bequests
  • Beneficiaries
  • How to sign your Will
  • and much more.
The Online Australian Will Kit cover image