Our product is provided to you and can be accessed via a computer or digital device. In the unlikely event you are unable to access the Online Australian Will Kit and the Online Will Form we will send you an alternate link and failing that we will refund your payment. To qualify for a refund, you must supply us with a screenshot or photograph of the error page displayed when you access The Online Australian Will Kit and the Online Will Form. You must notify us within 7 days from date of purchase. Please take a few moments when you receive your confirmation email to check the links to the digital products purchased. If you did not receive what you ordered, please contact Customer Service by email admin@ theaustralianwillkit.legal. We will not give a credit or refund for merchandise not reported within 7 days or without verification. Once you have made payment, your confirmation details will be emailed to the email address you supply. There are no returns for this product.